Principal: Chris Ward ARIENZ and Land Information NZ Accredited Supplier

14 Patiki Street Lincoln - Phone 0064 3 321 7046

Mobile 0064 274 371 254 - Email: wardproperty@xtra.co.nz

Accredited Supplier Functions for Land Information NZ Accredited by LINZ to undertake a variety of functions involving land where the consent of the Crown is required for a range of statutory processes.

Land Status and Ownership Searches Reports on matters relating to ownership of land including land owned by Local Authorities, Government agencies, (including Public Works Act, Education, Reserves, Endowments, Conservation land and land formerly held by Lands and Survey Department), Health Authorities and State Owned Enterprises and their subsidiaries. Land and mineral status reports for mining interests. 

Land Information NZ Agency searching of all Land Titles, Mortgages, Transfers, Cadastral, survey office and deposited plans and other documents via Landonline computer system.

Genealogy research into titles formerly held by ancestors.

Services Offered Completion of reports and the obtaining of the consents from Land Information NZ for those actions requiring Crown consents and approvals under the Land Act, Public Works Act, etc. Delivery date of Land Status and Ownership reports will be negotiated at the time of receiving the instructions.